But with rival Flint Kingman, had PR exec Gina Barone met her match in the bedroom? The wealthy, cocky spin doctor, hired against her wishes, forced her into a pretend affair to divert the media from her family’s business scandal. For as long as it took, their red-hot ‘liaison’ would burn up the Boston tabloids.

Powerless to resist, Gina entered Flint’s world of erotic fantasy, where he called the shots…where his raw, primal heat threatened to melt her ice-princess heart. In her adversary’s arms—with his bed mere inches away—the pretend affair suddenly felt all too real…


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"Sleeping with her Rival is a sensual, fast-paced story that will leave readers breathless."
~ Four stars!! Romantic Times

"With the emotional power of this book, Ms. WhiteFeather has taken the Desire to a completely new level. The verbal sparring between Gina and Flint is like “Cheers,” “Moonlighting,” and “Remington Steele” all rolled into one and multiplied by four and the sensuality of the love scenes reaches new levels. Her sensitive handling of Native American and Italian culture shows how much research goes into her books. While the story of Gina and Flint is at the forefront, the author continues to weave the suspense thread throughout the book. Walk, run or drive to your local bookseller the day this book is released and lose yourself in a moving tale of “danger, deceit and…desire!”
~ Marilyn Puett, Writers Unlimited Reviewer.