Rick was featured on BEAUTIFUL WARRIOR and will also appear on BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY, the final book in the Room 105 series. He also appeared on the first edition of BEAUTIFUL CONFUSION. Rick is a Native American actor, model, host, and humanitarian. Not only is he absolutely gorgeous, he is a kind and caring man. Sheri has admired him for years and has always wanted him as one of her cover models. Check out Rick’s website to learn more about him.





Jimmy was featured on THE VAMPIRE PENDANT and THE VAMPIRE BRACELET. This stunningly handsome man has appeared on thousands of covers and continues to garner more covers each day. Jimmy is ambitious, determined, passionate and goal-oriented. He is the creator/owner of the first and only romance novel networking profile and the first romance novel stock image and pre-made covers website He is also a hopeless romantic who loves chocolate! You can friend him on Facebook , as well as “Like” his Facebook fan page. Sheri is thrilled to have Jimmy on her covers.



Richard Cerqueira appeared on COMANCHE VOW and SLEEPING WITH HER RIVAL. Richard is one of Sheri’s favorite cover models. She dedicated THE DARE AFFAIR (her story in the SUMMER IN SAVANNAH anthology) to him because he inspired the hero.

Richard is of Portuguese-Brazilian descent with some American Indian in his heritage. He won the first runner-up at the Romantic Times pageant in Baton Rouge in 1996.

Richard lives in New York and holds a degree in biology. He is a fitness and fashion model and his hobbies include carpentry, remodeling, construction, auto repair and mechanics. Sports activities range from BMX stunt bicycling to horseback riding. He also enjoys making silver jewelry, painting and sculpture. In 2007, he appeard on Spike TV's Bullrun. Currently he is pursuing a career in acting and has appeared on Gossip Girl, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Blue Bloods, Point of Interest, and Madonna's movie W.E.



Danielle appeared on NEVER LOOK BACK. She is a stunning young woman who makes a perfect Bombshell. Sheri thinks she fits the heroine beautifully.

Danielle graduated from Penn State University and is the 2006 Philadelphia Maxim Search Winner. She gains inspiration through music, enjoys staying active and is always looking for an adventure. Danielle lives life to the fullest.








John DeSalvo appeared on TYCOON WARRIOR. He is an actor and renowned cover model. To see pictures of John and learn more about him, check out his web site.







Joe appeared on CHEROKEE and SKYLER HAWK: LONE BRAVE. He was featured in the Sept. 2001 issue of Romantic Times and is still as gorgeous as ever. One of Joe’s most popular covers is Dara Joy’s 1998 MINE TO TAKE. Click here to see what was considered the hottest cover of the year.







LONE WOLF is one of Sheri’s favorite covers, but she has yet to discover who modeled for it. She did, however, learn that this handsome mystery man appeared on Patricia Rosemoore’s VIP PROTECTOR. Here’s a link to the cover.






Massimo appeared on CHEYENNE DAD and JESSE HAWK: BRAVE FATHER. He, too, is a bit of a handsome mystery. Very little information has been obtained about him. Here is a fan site dedicated to Massimo and his covers.