Nick Bluestone had made a solemn vow to wed his twin brother’s widow, raising their child the Comanche way. The desirable Elaina would be his wife, but Nick could never forget the decision had been his brother’s, not hers.

Elaina had convinced herself marrying Nick had nothing to do with their mutual attraction. What she felt for Nick was more intense…and much more dangerous. She’d lost her heart to a Bluestone once – did she dare allow her new Comanche husband entrance to her soul?



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"Another wonderful Native American story from Ms. Whitefeather. Tender & touching! I adored the hero - he embraces his family as wholeheartedly as he does his heritage. The ending was fantastic!!"
~ Elizabeth Benway

"Sheri WhiteFeather chooses a rather daring theme by marrying a woman to her deceased husband's brother. Certainly not incest, yet both having feelings of guilt that must be overcome. Yet the lure of the forbidden binds this couple in its passionate embrace as they begin to fall in love. Whitefeather's skillful manipulation of Comanche tradition and societal mores makes for a fascinating read. These rich characterizations and intense emotional experiences make COMANCHE VOW highly recommended."