His Cherokee Desire

The quest for his Cherokee heritage had brought Adam Paige to Native American Sarah Cloud, hoping sweet Sarah could enlighten him on the culture they shared. The bright, beautiful woman quickly became more than his guide to a proud nation. But Adam knew too well what deep desires could mean for his wounded spirit.

Her Cherokee Heart

Her goal had been only to help Adam regain his birthright. But soon Sarah was giving Adam more than she’d given any man- her heart was his for the asking. Yet what would become of their much – coveted happiness once Adam learned his legacy held a powerful, shocking secret neither had ever imagined?


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"Adam Paige discovers he is Native American and adopted and longs to find his real family. Sarah Cloud is Cherokee as well and Adam learns she is originally from the town of his birth in Oklahoma so he asks for her help to trace his roots. Sarah had never planned to return to her hometown because of her own childhood pain and had decided to make her home in California. However as she comes to know Adam, she grows to love him and wants to help him find his true heritage. This warm hearted tale is a must read for lovers of Native American stories. It is gentle and compassionate, yet wonderfully romantic! A hero as special as Adam Paige always touches my heart!"
~ Elizabeth Benway